ATT to T-mobile + port over Google Voice

Finally I threw in the towel. Moving away from ATT to T-mobile for the whole family.

Even my google voice number is being ported over. Can’t beat $100 for 4 lines.

I’ll update once the porting is completed. So far T-mobile support has been super.

It took a while, but Google and T-mobile got it done. Kudos to both.

Omniture API

Omniture API can be daunting, but little pointers will ease your mind.

Omniture’s developer site is at

Currently they provide you with 10,000 tokens per month. Some reports will require two or more tokens.

Site Catalyst API

Use GetStatus to check the report status without consuming a token count.

Data Warehouse API

Administration API

Report suite ID

ReportSuite.GetAvailableMetrics will get you all the metrics available per rsid.

Not all elements for your account are listed unless you query the ReportSuite.GetAvailableElements for the rsid.

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